Saved Search Using Date of "Today"?

The most common advanced search I run for myself is tasks that are:

Assigned: to me
Completion: incomplete
Due date: between any date and {insert today’s date}

Is there a way to save this search so that whenever you run it, today’s date is update to that day’s date, rather than having to go into Advanced Search and enter those parameters each time?

Hi @Ben_Dickey, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

It’s currently not possible to save a report by tasks due today and that updates every time you open the saved report. Our team is working on bringing back the option to search tasks by “due date within 0 days” but we don’t have immediate to implement it.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for tasks you have completed today, you can use the filters in your My Tasks:

image (8)

I hope this helps!

@Emily_Roman since Due Date Within 1 Day includes overdue tasks, can you put in a request for a report that displays just tasks due today?

@Ben_Dickey and @Kermit_Goodman,

Please consider voting for this which will help a lot, I think:



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