Issue with Advanced search not returning all tasks

There appears to be an issue over the last few days where the search feature no longer pulls in tasks with due dates earlier than the current day.

Up until a few days ago (and for the past several years) when using Advanced search if you didn’t assign any value in the “Due Date” field per the screenshot below you were presented with all tasks which met the other criteria defined in the search provided they were due either on or before the current day. As of Monday or Tuesday this week it appears that this field now only pulls out tasks due on that specific day meaning that its now useless in terms of serving its previous function as a to do list since you need to run multiple searches for tasks due on any earlier dates. Please fix this issue ASAP


Hi @Keith_McGivern, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :slight_smile: This is related to a recent update and it’s not bug, please find more details in the comment below:

Ok thats actually fine now, the date range feature wasn’t available when I created the reports that were impacted by this so switching to that solves the problem

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