How to run an advanced search for tasks completed "Today," but not the last 24 hours?

I’m trying to run a “Tasks Completed Today” report for my manager, so he can see what I’ve accomplished at the end of the work day. However, the only option I see for showing tasks completed “today” is the setting the Completed field to within the last 1 days.

This is good, because I want this to be a live report that’s always current. But I don’t want to show tasks from yesterday, and this report seems to include all work from the last 24 hours.

Is there an option that still keeps it a live report while only showing work done on “this calendar day”?

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Right now, that appears impossible, as dates in Asana are saved in a numeric format without any decimals (like “44389”). Even in a Google Sheet export where the date can be expanded to include HH:MM:SS, Asana dates show as 7/7/2021 0:00:00, where the HH:MM:SS portion is always 0:00:00.

<comment here about Asana seemingly having chosen to save dates as integers and how I feel about that, omitted>

I can’t even think of a good workaround. Maybe have a custom field: “Completed in Afternoon? Yes/No”, and then exclude the Yeses. :expressionless:

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Dang, ok. Thanks for your help Stephanie – I really wish this was a feature!

Hi @Autumn_Bateman, feel free to create a thread in our #productfeedback category if this is a feature you’d like to see in Asana :slight_smile:

I’ve created the new thread here – thank you @Rebecca_McGrath!


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