Is there a way to just show today's tasks and no other?

I know you can filter by due date, but is there a way to filter for just tasks that are due today and then everything else just not appear? I have a lot of reoccurring tasks and it’s rather overwhelming seeing so much on the same screen.

Hi @Ameet_Khabra! I suggest that you visit the Today section of your My Tasks in order to view the today tasks for yourself. If you’d like to view today’s tasks in a project or for a group of users, you can conduct an advanced search and save the report for easy reference. See how to info here:


One thing I have done is saved a Report (Advanced Search) with the following criteria as:

  1. Assigned to me
  2. Incomplete completion
  3. Due date within the last 0 Days
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If a task is marked at say 19:00 and it is only 13:00 now - the task does not show!!!


Why there’s no feature to automatically display tasks that are due today in today section? That’s really annoying I need to manually go through my numerous project to see what’s due today!:rage:

Alexis’s suggestion does not quite work. I have tasks assigned to a date, which is now today. None of those are in my Today section. Only tasks I have clicked the little icon to move to Today are in there. So thats no good.

Another reason its no good is because it shows all the non-Today tasks in the list like Upcoming, Later, and all new tasks all above Today. So as per the OP post, its too much.

So I have created a search as Jerod points out, but then there is an issue with that too, in that once you are in a search you cannot manually re-order tasks! So I cannot prioritise my Today list in order I want to do it. I cannot add custom fields to the search results either.

So in my mind a true Today section to allow to view and manage/prioritise todays tasks does not exist in Asana which is quite strange.

As a work around, I have created a Project called Today, assigned all tasks to it, then in the project I can manually reorder and even use custom fields. Its annoying to have to do this though, it would be best to have a Today list built in with all that already in it.

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Is there a way to have just a general My Tasks section? Rather than having to use the Recently assigned, Today, Upcoming, and Later sections? It seems I can only add my own custom sections underneath one of these.