Showing "Do Today" in My Tasks

On the My Tasks view, how do I put my “Do Today” tasks section in the same view as “Due This Week”? I think I’m doing the rules correctly, but My Tasks still just shows “Due this week,” “Due next week,” and “Due Later.”

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You can have tasks only in one section per project (or My Tasks) not in two at the same time.

If you would like tasks due today moved in a separate column you can set up rules. Now keep in mind that time related rules only trigger once per day around midnight.

More info on rules in my tasks:

Thank you! What do you mean by “tasks due today moved in a separate column” ?

It depends on your preference how you set it up. Many prefer to have a general due date upcoming, then due within the next week and then due today. So various rules that can be set up would move the tasks in the relevant section.

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