Introducing Asana Timeline: create and view project timelines

Drumroll, please! Introducing Timeline. Create visual project plans to see how all the pieces fit together, from kickoff to launch:



This is absolutely amazing! I just watched the video and shared it with the team. As a business organized with Holacracy and GTD a la Springest, we were also excited by the circles structure presented too! … so when is this all available @Alexis ??? We’re dying here :smiley:


Hi @Morgan! Love the enthusiasm :smiley: Timeline is available in Asana premium today!

This is very exciting! I can’t wait to share this with our team.

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This is a great step forward. Is there a way to show subtasks in the timeline? Seems like it should be intuitive, but the only way I see is manually assigning every subtask a project, which is both tedious and floods my project.

Any tips?


Love this! So excited for the future.

Will we be able to see a timeline in “My Tasks” at some point as a personal timeline?


Hi Spencer and Alex! So glad to hear your enthusiasm about Timeline and thanks for the feedback! We know that a lot of Asana customers love using subtasks and My Tasks and we’re glad you do too. As you can see, right now Timeline just shows a view of the tasks in your projects, not subtasks. We do have a team that will be updating and iterating on Timeline so I’ll make sure they get this feedback you’ve shared. :slight_smile:


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Great stuff. Very excited to start using this feature.

Stunning! There are so many people on my team who’ve been asking for this. Can’t wait to show them! :tada:

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Some type of “switch” Show completed tasks would be really great! Now timeline is filled with completed that no longer matter.


Timeline is great! So clean and simple. It is hardly groundbreaking at this stage but is a great foundation and you can really see it align with the long term vision. Can’t wait to see the updates over the coming year! Well done team


Subtasks don’t automatically inherit projects from their parent task. As a workaround here, you could add your subtasks to your project: How to Use Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Then they should show up on Timeline and your project calendar.

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This is awesome, really pleased to see timeline and it will help us plan out a project. One question I have though. The main need we have for this feature is planning out feature launch projects and we have 5 active launch campaigns in play that start with planning launch comms to preparing it to executing it after the feature is launched, so each project can span months — with tasks on each project shared by a small marketing team. If we look at each project in a vacuum, this is perfect but it doesn’t give us visibility on staff loading like say Instagantt does. Is there plans to bring timeline also as a tab in the “My Tasks” area or show timeline for a whole team? Or would you recommend we use the calendar view for adjusting for staff capacity?


I just saw the future vision video for beyond timeline. Those features outlined are exactly what I’m looking for!


I would LOVE to see a Timeline for Teams - where each project inside a team is represented on the timeline (a.k.a. as a task is to a project, so is a project to a team). This would great for the birds eye view of a timeline that spans multiple projects.


Hi William,
At least with you can combine several projects into one.


LOVE it. Any vision for easier setting and changing and remove dependencies? Same for dates. Both make you go into the tasks manually.


I can’t make any subtasks show up in Timeline. Seems to me that functionality is not yet enabled for Timeline.