Idea: Timeline that gives an overview of projects instead of tasks

Feature idea

I love the new Timeline feature for projects, but it only shows tasks within that project.

What I would love to have is a Timeline that gives me an overall view of different projects themselves. I’m managing different projects and it would be very useful to have a Timeline that shows the projects, instead of tasks.

YES. Having a timeline view for Projects would be invaluable.

This would be a great way for Asana to improve on management of multiple projects, which is well behind Asana’s ability to manage tasks. This is a great opportunity for Asana to improve on an area that users have disappointed with in the past.

I would suggest:

  • Adding a start date to Projects, which already have due date.
  • Adding Project dependencies, like Task dependencies.
  • Adding a timeline view to the dashboard.
  • Supporting Sections on timelines. (Which works but needs to be an official feature to be able to rely on it.)
  • Support Section dependancies. (Which may work. I haven’t tested, but also would need to be an official feature to rely on it.)

In the mean time @paulminors suggests a workaround here.

You could create a “Projects” Project with a Task to represent each Project. Those “Project” Tasks could be given start and due dates and then visualized on the “Projects” Project timeline.
And to add more functionality, you could multihome each “Project” Task that represents a Project into a the Project it represents. This way you not only have a “Projects” Project that represents the start and duel dates of all your Projects. You also have a clear view from each Project of the Project start and end dates in the list view and the timeline view. (Actually, now that I’ve fully thought this out, I’ve got to go do it.)

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This would be invaluable exactly as @Vince_Mustachio has said. When you’re part of a team and working on multiple projects just having each project view in isolation misses the big picture completely and if you’re part of multiple teams then forget having a clue about where your resources are most needed and having a full picture of your true workload.

It would be amazing to have a team-level timeline so that you can see each project length and also a personal timeline under ‘My tasks’ like we have the calendar showing personal workload.

I’m currently following @paulminors suggestions on making projects ‘timeless’ sections and then my clients as tasks inside those projects just so I can hack some sort of timeline together and share them all to a ‘calendar’ project so I can send projects from other teams there as well (as a freelancer I often work with multiple teams). And it’s a million times better than before and works ok but it’s not perfect and means having to remember to share each project and keep multiple balls in the air. I would so love for Asana to make life easier here :joy:.

The way way Instagantt works is actually pretty perfect, I’m just a bit resentful of having to pay for Asana premium for 5 people just so I can use the features myself AND pay for Instagantt premium to do something that should really be standard in Asana with timelines. Although, I appreciate timelines is a new feature and will undoubtedly grow into a better version of itself.


Hi all, this is currently possible with the Timeline view for Portfolios :slight_smile: