Add Timeline to My Task


Love the new project timeline feature!
As we work on many projects at the same time, and unexpected things happen but it’s hard to see what project needs to move in a timeline manners and see the overlaps etc…

It would be really helpful to have the Timeline feature accessible directly from My Task showing an overlay or list of all the projects+task going on right now for me.

Add "timeline / board" view when you click on each team member
Add "timeline / board" view when you click on each team member

+1 - this would be very useful to me too!


+1 - A timeline for ‘My tasks’ would be fantastic!



+1 to a very solid idea.


Definitely need this…especially when trying to be transparent with workload. I believe Instagantt offers this feature so lets go Asana…bring it!:grinning:


This will allow each team member and managers to see their tasks in the various views as opposed to just lists.


Hi @Trung_Pham! Just to confirm, are you looking to get the Timeline for “My Tasks”?


Just merging your post with Add Timeline to My Task to avoid having duplicates on the Community! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Marie!
Yes having a top-level timeline that shows all of the tasks from all projects would be a fantastic evolution to this feature. I speak for all my teammates at Intuit, we complain everyday about this ahhaah