The Future of Asana: Co-founder Justin Rosenstein shares our vision

You’ve helped us come so far, but we’re only getting started. Co-founder Justin Rosenstein shares our vision: Unveiling the Future of Asana • Asana

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Plus, that’s not all…!


Really exciting stuff! I’m especially excited about the ability to view how company mission relate to strategies and to objectives. I know we can do this already using projects and links, but the vision shown lays it out much more clearly!


Love the timeline. It makes managing projects so much more intuitive! Also very intrigued by the 2nd half of the video when Justin mentioned the global aspect of Asana’s project management tools… I need those visual breakdowns of teams/departments/divisions/company in my own Asana!!


Timeline and the vision both look fantastic–congratulations!

But I’m confused because on the page Unveiling the Future of Asana • Asana (which @asana tweets point to) the video that plays when clicking the image is “Asana Demo and Product Tour”:

not the “Justin Rosenstein: Unveiling the Future of Asana” @Alexis embedded in this post above.



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Hi Larry! Looks like there was a mix up with the tweet. Thanks for the heads up!


I feel the same. My manager is going to drool when she sees this! Very exciting stuff.


Wow, that is impressive!!! And congratulations on release of Timeline. It looks like the future is going to cover Executive Reporting, a subject that has been discussed quite a bit on the boards. It will be especially great if the great looking future features are simultaneously developed with the under the hood day to day user suggestions that hit the Product Feedback. Looks exciting.


Great! I’m looking forward to trying all those new and future features😃 Nice job Asana team!


I’m excited to try the timeline out on our next client project! I think it will really help a lot with Sprint planning.

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The link behind the image on goes to the wrong video:

Unveiling the Future of Asana • Asana, it links to : YouTube

This should be linked to the vision video: Justin Rosenstein: Unveiling the Future of Asana - YouTube

Not sure about the tweet, but the link on the page itself is just wrong.


The video got me so pumped-up!


OMG! So excited to get all the new features! It’s gonna make project management a billion times easier. I cannot remember anything like this that’s not cluttered or hard to use. Asana’s vision in using AI/machine learning and a clean UX/design will bring any company projects management to a whole new level! :wink: Congrats!


Has any training been published about Timeline yet, or a list of all the functionalities with Timeline? How to optimize? Exporting to PDF?

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Yes :+1: you can see a blog post with an overview of the functionality here, and you can take a course to master the functionality of Timeline in Asana Academy here.


The future features look awesome! Particularly the ability to get that high-level view at a person level across your team. The sooner it all arrives the better :grinning:

Exporting to PDF does not seem to be possible at the moment :frowning:.

I am not sure a PDF export feature would appear in such a video :sweat_smile: :slight_smile:

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Very exciting cannot wait to have these tools!!

Hey @Alexis and @Matt_Bramlage,

I would like to share some thoughts, concerning your amazing new features and an already popular integration that community loves, Instagantt (cc @danielguajardok).

As far as you know I am fall in love with Asana as a product, as a Company and mostly as a Culture. I am an Asana evangelist in Greece, a consultant that help teams to be more efficient using your product and recently a developer that creates a product on top of Asana that is ready to be released. You also remember how many times I had concerns about how do you cope the developers that invest their time making great things on side of Asana and why you don’t share data that will make us able to make decisions or even roadmaps that maybe is in conflict with some integrations.

Now I made clear that I really care about your product, your transparency, your culture and you as the people behind the scenes, I’d like to ask some questions about the release of the new features that are in conflict with a popular and beloved third-party integration.

  1. Did you shared your roadmap with the creator of the integration?
  2. Did you take note that your new features may kill a popular integration and what you did in order to avoid it?
  3. What is the policy of situations like these and what will be happened in the future?
  4. Do you still encourage developers to create things on Asana and you still respect their time or something changed? I’d be grateful if I had a faith answer from your founders on this.

I care and this is the reason I am ringing the bell. I was willing to help with some of these things at the past (Could we have some official Asana Stats? - #9 by Eyal_Ronel) but nothing happened.

Disclaimer: It’s sure that I miss some information and I would like to know what is the thoughts of Asana as well as the developers’ community on that.

cc @Bastien_Siebman, @Eyal_Ronel