The Future of Asana

Hi all :wave:t3:

We’re excited to invite you to The Future of Asana on July 15, 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT.

The Future of Asana is a virtual event to share our vision for the future of work. Learn how Asana is enhancing the future of work by enabling individual focus, team efficiency and organization-wide engagement like never before. It’s more than a product roadmap - it’s a reimagining of how teams can work together effortlessly.

You can register for this event here!

If you’re outside of North America, don’t worry, we’re hosting a separate viewing party just for you! Mark your calendar for any of the following times:

  • Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM British Summer Time (BST) / 3:00 PM Central European Time (CET)
  • Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 11:00 AM Singapore Time (SGT) / 1:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM Japanese Standard Time (JST) - Captioned in Japanese

We hope to see you there!

Have a great day!


Now that we’ve all had the opportunity to see what Asana envisions for the future of work management, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Did you enjoy the show? Is there something you’re excited to see come alive? Tell us about it! :point_down:


I’m very excited after watching the webinar, but admittedly was hoping for a bit more details in terms of a timeline for some of these features. Also, based on the screenshots and description of some of the capabilities (better chat/video collaboration), is Asana going to possibly offer a standalone desktop application?


Exciting is right! I’m just more concerned about real work now. We’ve been with Asana long enough to know tasks and projects used to basically be all there was… My Tasks was the first layer in Asana and it hasn’t seen any significant update in ages. No custom fields like we see through the rest of the platform… No spreadsheet view. No filters like Inbox has… I’ve got hundreds of tasks assigned to me. I have no idea what to use the existing “My Tasks” for… It’s hours of work about work to make heads and tails out of My Tasks…

The promise of future AI work is great, but just this morning my co-owner was so frustrated about My Tasks that she said she’s looking into other tools… Which I’m not at that point :wink: Asana has so many good things going for it. But it’d be nice to know when real things are going to happen, even in broad “Q3 2020” format. Hope that doesn’t come across as heavy critical, I’m just honestly a little concerned on the My Tasks front of things…


Hi @Ben_Brenner :wave:t3:

Just over two years ago we unveiled the Asana Vision and a lot of the features we introduced then have already been implemented: Timeline, Automation and Portfolio to name a few! Similarly, this is a multi-year vision, some of these features will be released in 2020 (in fact the first version of Goals was released just this week), but other may take a little longer :slight_smile:


@Tanner_Wilson so glad to hear you liked the event!

We have big plans for My Tasks for later this year, so stay tuned :blush:

We also know how much our Community would like to see a Desktop app and this is definitely something we’re keeping at the top of our minds! :crossed_fingers:t3:


I just have a question about the event. I had planned on viewing the event today at Noon Central, but I missed the first part of the presentation, partly due to some wonkiness in how handles event registration. I was able to rewind and start watching the beginning of the event, but that the video was taken down with the suggestion to “register for one of the alternative live events” before I could get too far into it.

However, Swoogo is blocking the ability to register for any other event. Whenever I try to ‘modify registration’, it sends me to change my name, etc. If I click on the ‘Register’ nav item, it wants to create a new account. I’ve been in circles trying to get signed up for one of the alternative events? Will this event video be published in some place to view it again?

Very excited about the new features and the possibilities. I’m curious about:

  • Virtual Assistant and Focus Mode for individual use, we try our best to fight context shifting.
  • Huddles which would supplement something our team does everyday now (any timeline on Huddles???)
  • Workflow Store. We adopt an ISO-lite protocol for our procedures, which all eventually end up in Asana as templates or Rules. Very excited about this one.
  • Over capacity notification, and adjustments. We meet weekly to review our workload, and daily to prioritize. I like the idea of this feature and would also love to know what timeline is expected for this particular feature.

We’re excited for the navigation aspects upcoming in Asana.

Thanks again as always!

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Thanks so much for flagging in such detail @AjD! Our team is testing the registration issues you laid out since that definitely shouldn’t be happening.

Since this was a premiere and we technically have a few more premieres to go for other timezones, we haven’t released a formal recording of the video. You should be able to watch it here in the meantime, and I’ll follow up with a more formal recording and page once all broadcasts finish. Thank you for your patience and enjoy :popcorn: :clapper:

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@Marie Good to hear, and hopefully sooner rather than later! My Tasks is so bad that I literally start every day in apple notes as a simple ongoing checklist of the stuff that truly matters… My co-owner uses a physical note pad.

Any tips in the meanwhile for management and other complex jobs with hundreds of tasks across dozens of projects that have to get done every month? Is there a filter button or some large select all batch hotkeys that I’m not seeing? Way to select everything with a certain tag or custom field?

Hey @JoshFinch! Excited to hear that you’re excited :slight_smile: I just want to reiterate that this is Asana’s vision and is unfortunately not a standard roadmap. While I can’t promise you any dates for when these will be delivered, I can say that more than a few of these are in development and we’re working hard to get these into our customer’s hands. In the meantime, I’ll take your feedback to our team as we start to hear post-event what is most exciting for folks. Huddles and Workflow store are coming up quite a bit! Thanks again!


I have to second this one! We have ended up creating a “Dashboard Project” for each employee that is used to replace the “My Task” It helps because then we can use all of the new features, including project status update which each person uses at the end of the week to create an employee focused status update in addition to the project updates we do on projects.


Thanks @Marie, that worked! :slight_smile:


The future looks interesting, but to be honest, a lot of the Asana features aren’t really well linked up now. For example, when progress updates are made in projects within a portfolio it doesn’t really roll-up.

Similarly, I set up some goals in the new ‘Goals’ section, and can’t really see what advantage there is as the updates are still manual, and it’s not giving me any useful analytics. I realize that it was just released, but what’s the value of the feature?



Great job and congratulations to everyone on a remarkable presentation and vision.

I’m excited about any and all of what I saw, actually.

I’m looking forward to checking out the Future of Asana presentation again, pausing to see the detail in what’s shown in the examples used. I did this with the Vision video from a couple of years ago and it was worthwhile to appreciate the direction; there was more detail in there than you can catch in full at regular playback speed.




Completely agree with each of your statements, Larry. Exciting times.

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I’ll echo @lpb in that I thought the team did a remarkable job packaging the messaging of their future vision. This event demonstrated how Asana is committed to differentiating themselves from other Work Management platforms. The dedication to creating an experience that is centralized around clarity and focus at all levels is top notch!

I look forward to watching again myself. I was a bit distracted as I was facilitating a live Q&A within my company as the show went on so I know I missed a lot of key moments. I’ve already set a reminder for when the YouTube video is released. If others are interested, here is the link:


For me this is not an issue with My Tasks but rather people usually not knowing how to use it properly, with task auto-promotion for example. And also bad practices (like having an assignee that is not the person doing the work but overseeing it)

They are like OKR in a company, most of the time they are gathered manually :slight_smile: #babysteps