Asana Forward - What's new and next in collaboration - March 28th - 10 am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT

Hello Asana Community :wave:

We are super excited to invite you to Asana Forward, happening on March 28th.

At Asana Forward, you’ll learn how leading brands are tackling complex challenges, adapting to an ever-changing business landscape, and shaping digital transformation in the workplace.

You’ll also get actionable insights from The Work Innovation Lab, a think tank by Asana, and industry thought leaders on how to maximize efficiencies and rethink collaboration for your business.

Register now!


Is there a recording of this I can access?

I’d be interested too!!

@Tanner_Bohman Yes, you can watch those here:

I’ll be honest. I didn’t find this event very insightful as an existing Asana customer. It was a big advertising event.

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Thank you @Erjon_Metohu! I watched a few of them and agree. I did like learning how Zoom built their forms to get the submitter to think more about their request, but other than that I didn’t gain much.

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