Future project


In a recent post on LinkedIn I described one specific project I have in Asana you might find interesting! This is a “future” project with anything related to, well, my future. Reference to possible jobs, certifications I could get, companies I could apply to, people I want to work with…

Do you have a future project or do you think you should have one?


All I know is I want to be @Bastien_Siebman when I grow up! :wink: - cool idea, I’ll need to incorporate something of the like to my 1-3-5 year plan.


I love your recent Linkedin posts @Bastien_Siebman, thanks for sharing them here, I’m sure they’ll get a lot of interest from our Community :wink:

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And you haven’t seen my secret project to get the job of my dreams. If I ever have the chance of doing it, it’s gonna be awesome :heart_eyes:

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