Seeking an Asana expert to host a webinar for the students on our platform


We are working on a startup, STEM-Away®, an educational platform and career hub for students and junior professionals. Our goal is to prepare students, especially underserved ones, for real-world STEM success. (STEM covers all careers related to the sciences, tech, engineering and math)

I am reaching out for help with one of our career tools, Mentor Chains® Projects. These projects are similar in scope to online virtual internships, built in a way to create a level playing field in STEM.

For the pilot project, I surveyed several options for project management and selected Asana. The students did have a bit of hard time ramping up but eventually mastered the tool. We have more projects coming up. I am seeking help from this community to host a webinar on project management using Asana. The webinar will be part of our STEMCasts® series (

If there is someone who can talk about the project management details and also share a bit of their personal professional journey, that would be perfect. Thank you for reading! Please reach out to me for more details.


I can’t necessarily commit at this point, but would be open to getting more details on what this would entail. I’m not sure I’m an “expert” but I’m confident in knowing the basics of both how Asana works, and also various options for how to actually use it. Perhaps more importantly, I enjoy teaching (helping people to learn, really) and that’s what my degree is.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. I understand it is too early to commit. Sharing some more details:

  • The audience will primarily be students who have no prior experience with Asana and academic level experience only with project management. A significant portion of the students will be from community colleges, it is one of the student communities we are targeting.

  • The webinar (hosted via zoom) is expected to be around 90 mins. We will start showcasing the webinar as “upcoming”. Expected date will be decided based on the speaker’s schedule. After the webinar is over, we will edit the webinar to make it into a top notch podcast and host it on our platform.

  • We are flexible on the format. A suggestion is to start with a use case from the speaker’s own experience, mixed with some personal background. And then move on to how Asana can be used effectively for Mentor Chains® Projects.

  • The projects are virtual 6 month projects. There are 2 professional mentors who direct the project leads (students with some experience in the area). The project leads in turn mentor the other students. The Mentor Chains end with students in purely mentee roles, an opportunity for students to view a real project and get over the fear of the unknown. We need Asana to work for this structure. We don’t need an expert, we need a teacher!


I can’t commit at this point, but wanted to express I have a high interest level in offering some support - either myself or my team. My team often works with clients to build curriculum and generate awareness through STEM and other behavioral modification programs that spark student and faculty engagement.

I sent you a private message w email - maybe we could setup a video call to discuss further. I could probably assist with this but would want to discuss ideas with you, and make sure you also have plenty of opportunity to go another direction if I’m not a good fit :wink:

Also - I think Jerod and I are in semi-similar industries so maybe you’d want to kick it around on a call with him, too - see what suits your project better (also depending on whether is suits either/both of us, schedule-wise).

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Sorry if this is implicit, but is it a paid opportunity? Would be happy to help depending on the details!

Thank you for the reply, Jerod. I would definitely like to learn more about your services and see if we have any synergies. We are interested in any partnership that would benefit our student base.

Hi, we are all set for now. I will reach out to you if we need any additional training webinars.

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Thank you for the many offers, we are extremely grateful for the support! We are all set for now with the Asana webinar.