Share your perspective!


Hi friends and Asana gurus! We just kicked off a Hackathon at Asana, and I’m working on a project to share more perspective about how our community members manage their work in Asana.

For the next day and a half, I’m calling all submissions to share insight about how you work. If you have time to participate, please do one of the following:

  1. Post in the thread here with a quick screenshot of the main area you work from in Asana (My tasks, a project, dashboard, etc.) and a few sentences about how you manage your work
  2. Capture and post a quick screenshare video (1-2 minutes) showing and narrating how you manage your work in Asana
  3. Fill out this quick survey here:

Please respond by 10am PST tomorrow, 9/8 if you would like to participate to share your insights as part of this project. Thanks in advance, and Happy Fall!


Also- there are stickers ready for anyone who participates :blush:


@Kaitie, I’m unable to do #3 because I’m locked out of the Google form. It says only people within the organization are able to access. Did I need to ask permission beforehand?


Thanks for the heads up @TomPar. I adjusted the settings, so you should be able to now! Thanks so much!


It’s a hackathon so maybe we’re suppose to hack in.


As a project manager at a small healthcare marketing agency, I use Asana to organize projects that are running through the agency. One custom view I use all the time is a team “5-day view.” It’s a search that shows everything for a particular team that’s due within the next 5 days, sorted by project. Instead of spending an hour every morning trying to create the day’s “hot sheet” out of emails & status spreadsheets (how we used to do it), I simply look at Asana first thing and I know what I need to be reminding people about.

One improvement I would LOVE to see is the addition of “Start date” to the search fields. That way my 5-day view will be able to show me everything either Starting or Due in the next 5-days. Now THAT would be incredibly useful!


Done! Happy to help. I can’t really send screenshots since even task titles are sensitive, but I filled out the form =)


I would love to see what you have compiled @Kaitie. I am a very visual person and love to see how others organize and their process, usually gain insights of how I can better structure.