Best way to organize a week

Hi All!

I’m looing for tips or templates or anything someone has already done to structure a weeks worth of work in Asana. We’re looking to meet on Mondays and plan what we would like to do for the week. We’ll also need a section to capture unplanned work as we need to be able to show where we get interrupted as well. I realize it could just be as simple as two sections where we capture the details but I thought I would see if anyone else has something they already love. Thanks!

Do you expect this to be done individually in My Tasks for example, or as a team in a shared project?

@Bastien_Siebman this would be a shared project. It’s a small team of two people, soon 3, and we need to just have visibility into what’s planned for the week.

Did you consider using the search, searching for incomplete tasks assigned to those 3, and then access the Calendar view?