Weekly Recaps

Hey Team! Quick Question!

Every week I like to do a weekly recap, what’s working, what’s not, and add any adjustments that I need to make in relation to the projects and tasks that I am working on.

I’d love for this to live inside of Asana. What’s the best method for this? Create a recurring task? Add a google doc.


Great question! I’m curious how others do this and I’m sure others might give more detail, but I think this could live really well in the Status Update (right side of the Overview tab).

Depending on how you have your team set up, this could likely fit within a “team” project. I’d love to hear how others do this, too!


Hi @Ashley_Shuler,

One approach would be to use the Status feature of all projects; set the headings the first time then they’ll from then on reappear in that manner for you to fill in each week. There’s a toggle to set the reminder. Use an existing project if you have one, otherwise make a “My Weekly Recap” project just for the purpose of using Status in it (you need a project for Status).

Another approach would be to use Template Tasks inside a similar project (instead of Status). Title each task you create something like My Weekly Recap on yyyy/mm/dd. In the template itself, use Subsections for things like What’s Working, What’s Not, Adjustments to Make, etc. or whatever categories make sense. Add subtasks weekly in the instantiated tasks themselves. This would allow you to multi-home the actionable tasks to other projects or assign them to yourself for My Tasks. Or use the Description field with rich text.

This would be a useful thread to make more widely available, like in #usecases, if you felt that was ok; it could be moved there.

Hope that provides some inspiration.



Yes !! I was thinking the same thing. A task template. I will make it to #usescases. Thank you!!


Yeah agree @Ashley_Shuler I like the idea of a Task Template idea…

Will be very interested in hearing how you go with this.



I like the idea of the task template. I especially like the possibility that these subtasks can then be assigned to individual projects. So you could also see in comparison to the last week’s recap, whether the task is already solved or still open.


Hi Ashley,

We do this through both/either the Portfolios Progress reports, but also through each individual Project status updates.

The Project Status update is set and forget. You can customize each header to suit your organizational needs then once you have it set up once, it retains that format for subsequent reports - as an added bonus you can even have ASANA auto remind you it’s due to be completed each Friday:

We also create a portfolio for each team, while this report isn’t as detailed, it certainly has its benefits for your use case.

Hopefully these suit your needs - Good luck!


Oh my GOODNESS! Thank you Kelly! This community is :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:. This is a perfect way to train the team to write status updates that aren’t cumbersome and won’t take too long.