Finished tasks in a team with several projects

Hi there,

I need to create a weekly update email to several external colleagues.

My Asana setup is pretty simple. I have 1 team with 5 projects in it.

To prepare the email, I need to see all the tasks my team has finished within the last week. Currently I have to go into each project to see what happened. This is quite annoying and takes too much time.

What I am actually looking for is an overview of all the tasks which where handled by my team. Is there a view for this?

Help would be greatly appreciated!
Kind regards from Berlin,

Are you on a free or paid plan? If you are on a paid plan you could use the Advanced search to build reports, like “all tasks from projects A, B and C that are incomplete”.


Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

easy peazy.

Thank you very much! Worked well!


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Cool. Don’t forget to save the result as a report, and update its name by using the three-dots menu at the top :slight_smile:

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@Dan_LIH, Since you mentioned you’re creating a weekly update mail to external colleagues (not on Asana I’m assuming), you may benefit from being able to format those search results just how you want them into a PDF for your email (or a simpler layout to just paste directly into an email). You can do all that with:

Disclaimer: I’m the creator.