Option to download Weekly Task report?

Is there a way to download weekly tasks activities of each team member? Apologies, I’m new here and if there’s an option for this, it would help a lot!

If not tho, can Asana team make this option for us? :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Micah_B_Pil to Asana and the community… Whilst I don’t think there is a specific report already available for this. You should be able to create an advanced search that will provide a list of tasks that you can export and download to excel.



This is how I would do it.

  • Run an advanced search in Asana.
    • Completion: Incomplete
    • Due Date: Within the Next 1 Weeks
    • Adjust to meet your needs. The Asana search has a lot of options.
  • Sort the search results by Assignee
  • As Jason said, export to CSV or you could print and use the print option to save as a PDF.
  • Save the search as a report for future use
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Hi Micah,

I have an script that pulls tasks from several projects and compile them into a single page report. This report can be sent as a PDF to your e-mail.

Would that be helpful?

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how ? :smiley:

Hi @Millor_Machado!

I’d also be curious about how you configured this script!