Sending Individual Team Member Reports based on Reporting


I am attempting to send daily or weekly reports to individual team members assessing different aspects of their progress and workflow -

  1. What was accomplished (today) (i.e. what moved to the next status (a custom single select field) or was marked complete)
  2. tasks without due dates
  3. tasks without effort hours (custom number field which we had before Asana added the “estimated time” field). (Asana reporting can’t create a chart for this, but I have a saved search with custom filters to track this.)
  4. tasks being continuously rescheduled (not sure how to track)
  5. overdue tasks
  6. upcoming (tomorrow’s) task count
  7. upcoming (tomorrow’s priority tasks)
  8. upcoming (tomorrow’s) effort hour workload
  9. upcoming (tomorrow’s/next week’s) timeline due dates (custom date field)

Some of these reports can be generated as charts in the “reporting” section of Asana.

Is there a way to incorporate that into an email report for individual team members?

Better yet, is there a way to automate this?

Thank you!

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same question.

Hi all,

There isn’t a way of exporting a report as a whole. They would be better off being trained on how to use the reporting dashboard in Asana and get those reports set up so they are rolling. You can export these as a png.