Weekly status updates in a specific way


I need a team of 10 to be able to weekly let me know what they are working on. I want them to be able to create a list of tasks they are working on and where they are in the process. I also need them to be able to list this in order of how they plan to work on it. Like the following

  1. I need to do more outreach to my constituents. I have completed 50 of 75 and plan to do five per day.
  2. I have to compile the data for the two workshops that I did in list form to be able to send to Lisa for review by Tuesday.

I then want them to be able to take that information and add it to their tasks and update it on Asana if they have already put it in. What is the best way to do this???



For tasks they are working on or plan to, maybe you can have a look at each persons “My tasks”?
Or they can multi-home tasks into a project “Working on” and “Will work on next” so you can review the content of each project… They can also use tags.

You could also have one task per person and in the comments they @-mention the ongoing tasks and what they plan to work on next.

Are you able to put all the tasks in the same project? That way if you use sections or columns or custom fields you’ll know exactly the status of each task and who’s working on what.

How does all of this sound?

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Thanks so much for your response. I really do need and appreciate the help. We are growing really fast and I need to reign it all in.

Making sure that I explained what I need clearly since it has been a while. What I need to do is get my staff to declare what their to-do lists if for the day every day. Seems like I am hearing the best way may be to create a task which is called something clever like “Declare your to-do list today”. Then have it reoccur every day?


Actually this is the goal of My Tasks. If employees clearly place tasks in Today, Upcoming and Later, when clicking on their avatar you can see their public tasks list. Would that make the trick?

Asana Certified Pro, consultant, author and developer