Meeting Schedule in Asana




I’d love to display our meeting schedule (just regularly scheduled meetings, such as sprint planning and retrospective), so all team members can see these (mandatory) meetings when planning their day in the morning. I know it possible to do this in Outlook, but I 'd like to have this specifically separate from the rest of the ‘meeting swamp’ in our Outlook calendar.

My problems with implementing this are the following:

  • I can not change the calendar view to just depict one week. A month-view is just way to large to have this make sense.
  • Repeating tasks are just shown once and not every time they occur.

One other problem of mine was luckily solved by starting dates. :wink:

I would be interested to know, if you have any suggestions for a work around that doesn’t involve creating a repeating task for every week of a month separately and without having to make another Outlook calendar, just because I can’t change my Asana view. I guess what I am saying is that I would like an easy and quick solution, because if it involves too much of a work around, I will just not put our regular meetings in Asana.

I’d also be super happy, if Asana implements a ‘meeting’ element at some point next to projects and tasks. But that’s a big step and will probably take a little while longer.

Thanks for your ideas in advance!


So to solve the pain points of wanting a week view instead of month, you can do a board project called ‘meetings’ (or whatever) - and have each column be a day of the week. Mon/Tues/etc. and then under that is the task for that meeting (or list of meetings).

Then once the task is completed (if it’s a recurring meeting), it will reappear as the meeting for ‘next week’ - and then just have the view for the boards be for incomplete tasks only.

That way people can see the weekly meetings on a rolling week-only basis. I think this would solve the issue you’re looking for, let me know if not!


Hey @Caisha! Thank you for the advice! This a great idea. I will implement it and see if it solves our issue!


Hey @Caisha,
thanks again for the suggestion! I discovered a new problem with this, however. On such a board, I would have to copy this meeting task for every person who has to attend this meeting, if I want it to show up in their ‘My Tasks’ views. Some meetings are attended by 10 people, which would create 10 tasks at, for example, 15:00h on Wednesdays. This kinda crowds my board and creating a board for everyone in my organization individually would probably be overkill for the little time I want to save with this.
I am still hoping that Asana will include meetings as an entity or at least more custom options for calendars at some point in the future, so we can focus on work and not work arounds. :wink:
Thanks again for your input though! Until just now, I thought it would solve my problem entirely :slight_smile:


Hmm, I understand that issue - I was thinking it was just a project with meeting tasks that aren’t assigned/shared with anyone.

I would still look at having only one task per meeting in the project, then the others can be outside of the project (or it belongs to the meeting agenda project if you have one).

So create the task, then assign copies to whomever, then add the original task to the meetings project? And just make sure in the task for the meeting, the meetings project is referenced in the description.

I’m not sure what pain point you’re trying to solve with the weekly meeting project though, so maybe that won’t work still - but if it’s just to have a ‘birds eye view’ of all the meetings that happen, then that should work.


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