Introducing Asana Timeline: create and view project timelines



@Alexis Timeline is a great feature addition!
Our team has started using Timeline, but one roadblock we found is that subtasks (with dates) are not shown in Timeline nor there’s any visual indication that a task has subtasks. Is that something that will be added in the near future?


The new timeline feature looks great! I’d love to be able to use it and some of the other premium features. Has there been any consideration of offering a solo premium plan? I know Asana was designed for teams, but I don’t have a team, so I don’t need 5+ users.



I agree , without this feature, team management is pretty much dead in the water and we don’t see a reason to go through the pain of migrating to the platform. We constantly have 30+ projects going at the same time as an agency, so it’s essential to be able to do resource planning properly with a team timeline view to see where we’re over and under planning.


Hi Carlos! Please refer to my previous comment:


Hi Bud! We appreciate your interest here! At this time we do not offer a solo premium plan, but our team is aware of your request. For now, if you’re interested in pricing options take a look at


Hi Alexis,

Thanks for responding. The premium price would definitely be worth it if I had a team of 5 or more people. However, I only need one user for now so it wouldn’t make sense to pay the 5 user minimum price.

I’ve used Asana on and off for a few years. I use it for business and personal tasks/projects. I keep coming back to it because of the project planning and management features, universal access from any device, and the active development of new features. Adding boards was a huge factor for me & the timeline looks awesome as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my message.



Is there a print option? Or a ‘Save As’ option ?


Hi @John_T! There is not a printing option for Timeline at this time, but we do have plans to create one in the near future :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response! Looking forward to that added feature!


That’s my issue as a small Non-profit I need Premium but as a small non-profit I don’t need 5. Oh well, I did share it with the world though. :sob::sob::cry:


Gantt charts are great - It would be nice to be able to show % complete of tasks and when one is dependent on another it would be great to automatically adjust start dates base on completion


How can we mark Milestones? Today we label a task with MILESTONE: Phase 1 delivered. I’m using a RAG custom field to say whether we’re on schedule to hit it, but ideally I’ll like the timeline to show this task as a diamond shape or trophy.


I am unable to access Timeline in my account? Was this rolled out to all users? We would really like to start using it on our team!


I LOVE THIS. now what i’d like is a similar drag and drop of tasks and projects to plan my day =-) like hourstack. Pretty please? Wouldn’t that be rad?


@Coryn It is only available to Premium users. Check if you have the premium version of you do the suggest contacting Asana Support.





Timeline is AWESOME!

How can I print to PDF or just Print a Gannt Chart? I need as handouts for presentations.


hey guys, read about your enthusiasm about the timeline feature… but I can’t find it… how can I access it? is it a premium feature only?
please help :slight_smile:


found it :slight_smile:


I just tried adding a task to multiple projects, but it only appears on one of the projects’ timelines. How do I get it to show up on all 3 timelines?