Show tasks and milestones per project in Portfolio Timeline

The portfolio feature is nice, but it has some limitations. Within the time line i would like to be able to see Milestone and tasks, not just milestone.

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The Portfolio Timeline allows you to visualise all projects of your Portfolio in a Timeline view, but I’m afraid it doesn’t allow you to see these projects at the task level. If you’re looking to see tasks across multiple projects, simply multi-home all tasks of these projects in a Master Project > it will allow you to see all tasks of these projects and in a Timeline view!

Hope this helps!

Hi @Emily_Roman, assigning all taks to a Master Project is a very inefficient way to create a timeline overview of multiple projects. Being able to see the individual tasks / milestones in the Portfolio Timeline or see combine timelines of multiple projects would be a better solution. The Timeline feature of Portfolios is now really useless.


I agree with Rolf and Scott. If there were a way to select a project in Timeline view and expand to see all tasks – like add a + to each project to expand or collapse it, that would give us the flexibility to see a quick, simple due date view or a more comprehensive task view. It’s really inefficient to have to click through every project individually to see task status.


Thanks for the confirmation @Kim_Ethridge. Since most of our colleagues work on multiple project it’s really essential to have an overview with multiple projects in order to make an effective planning.

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I agree. I upgraded to Business because I thought this was a feature of Portfolio timeline. It seems like an easy fix as we really just need these projects to be able expand out (show tasks) in “timeline” view. Creating a “multi-home” home page would be way too time-consuming.


We are a small org that uses portfolios for resourcing, but we’d like to see multiple projects on a single timeline view in a portfolio. When I do this, I only see milestones rather than tasks. I’ve seen elsewhere in the forum that tasks are not supported in timeline view in a portfolio, which is a bummer. But I see nothing but milestones. Am I supposed to see a high-level “start and end” bar, as per this screenshot from the support forums? I’d love to have some sort of bar-type indicator for overall project timelines, not just the milestones within it.

Hello @Allison_Usavage,

yes correct in portfolio timeline view you can see the project range.

If you would like to see all tasks that works in the project timeline view: How to Get Started With Asana Portfolios | Product Guide • Asana

Here is great explanation by Emily

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