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Hi there!

My name is Aaron Ebert and I am a Product Marketer here at Asana. I am thrilled to tell you about a series of improvements we have made to Timeline. Timeline is now more intuitive than ever, right from the project creation. Here are a few of the features we are most excited about:

  • More flexible sections let you add, rename, delete, rearrange and collapse sections
  • New ‘Add Task’ button makes it easier to create a new task, milestone or section
  • Hover for more actions such as setting new dependencies or quickly completing a task (16)

Looking forward to your feedback and questions as we continue to iterate on Timeline to make it as user-friendly as possible!


This is a very helpful update! Is there any sort of estimated time frame on when we will be able to organize the tasks within sections by how they are ordered on the list view? That would make timeline much more useful for our organization. Thanks for constantly improving!


Wow awesome! Great improvements!


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Thanks for your feedback @Katie_Bokenkamp! We currently don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature but I suggest you to add your vote here: Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view and I’ll make sure to post an update as soon as I have any news. Thanks again!

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A step in the right direction, no doubt.

insert subtle nudge about subtask support here


Great progress! A perfect way to assist project planning when you are int he flow of the timeline! I can’t wait to start using it.


Great improvement, next step is the subtask visualisation by clicking the subtask logo… We need it !


Love seeing the improvements to timeline! My biggest struggle right now is being able to view tasks with due dates / date ranges on a portfolio timeline where we’ve rolled up the 7+ boards for our team so I can see 1 overarching timeline. Is there a way to do this that I’m missing?


Hi @AaronE, that’s great news!

Are there any plans to let us define the weekends’ time to be Friday + Saturday instead of Saturday + Sunday? That would be amazing and very helpful!!

Thanks a lot,

Hey Aaron!

That’s swell, but how about getting back swipes in “My tasks” on mobile application?

@Kelley_Wilds, your Portfolio Timeline only shows projects that have due date or date range but it’s currently not possible to see all tasks on each project in one Portfolio Timeline view. I suggest you to add your vote to support this feature here: Show tasks and milestones per project in Portfolio Timeline

As a workaround, you can create a master project and multi-home all tasks you need to see in one Timeline view.

@Lior_Lahav we don’t have any updates about this feature at the moment but we’ll make sure to post an update in this thread as soon as we have any news: Change Weekends in Calendar/Timeline View According To First Day of Week. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

Thanks for the information, Emily! I did up vote that feature. Unfortunately it’s not really helpful to create another project to manage with every task from 10+ projects, but I may have to to get the view I want right now.

Thanks for the update! My biggest wish for the timeline view is for it to “stack” tasks next to each other within a section so that we can minimize the need to scroll down - and see more on the timeline all at once.

This looks great, thanks. Of critical importance, when will we finally be able to print timelines?


Thanks @Russ_Friedson! We don’t have any updates about this feature but we will make sure to post any news in the main thread: Print a timeline

Thanks Aaron. I would like to set up a folder to store all of the updates. If not, I probably won’t remember them. Since I’m new, I would also like to see other tips from the past.

Hi @Tim_Burns! You can access our #announcements category to see all previous product updates and monthly release notes. You can also Follow our Announcements category to keep up to date with what’s new in Asana! 📨.

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