show added due date for milestone to portfolio

lately started working with portfolios to manage the project by subjects in my organization. We noticed that there are some basic features missing under portfolio, that makes it very hard to use:

  1. There is no way to sort in more than one field. it is a must feature when trying to manage a large amount of projects.
  2. I didn’t see a way to link between Gantt\timeline dates for milestone tasks, to the date column on the portfolio - this way you need to manually add dates in multiple places.
  3. I didn’t see a way to present dates\data about dates from the gantt chart on the portfolio - lets say I want to show the due date of the latest milestone on the portfolio in order to make a status table in it. How do I link between information between cells?
  4. Is it possible to add Date as data field type for for portfolio? it would help to close the gaps above until there will be a proper solution for the problem.

asana portfolio

Hi @Or_Israel, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We usually recommend users to create one thread per feedback as it is easier for users to cast their votes for a specific feature request and for us to follow-up on.

I was able to find existing threads regarding some of your suggestions:

If any of your requests are not listed in the threads above, I recommend you creating a new thread specific for that request. Thank you!

Have a great day!