"Roll Up" Milestone Due Dates to Portfolio View

Is there a way to “roll up” the due date for a milestone and show it on the portfolio view, instead of the project date range?

For example, the main date I want to focus on is the “Ship Date” for all my projects, but the Ship Date occurs (often several weeks) before the project can officially close. I have “Ship Date” as a milestone in my project - I would like to automatically pull the due date from the Ship Date milestone and view it as a field in the Portfolio view.


You can change the default Portfolio “Task progress” column to “Milestones”:

Then save layout as default via the “…” overflow menu.

This shows a dot for each milestone; hover to see the name and due date. The dot is grey if upcoming, green if done, red if overdue.

You can also now (as of yesterday) create portfolio custom fields of type date, but that won’t roll up the milestone like the above; you’d have to duplicately definite it here.

Hope that helps,