Portfolio Milestones Visibility

I just came across this view for portfolios:
Milestones progress instead of tasks. I cannot believe I have missed it all this time.

Absolutely brilliant and makes more sense when presenting to stakeholders at this highlevel of the portfolio. On the progress tab, simply click and change view from tasks into milestones. What you will get is a beautiful milestone progress (red and green - i.e. late or complete). :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


oh the little joys in life :rofl:


Looks very useful, but how do yo get that Progress tab to appear? I just have this… image

I’ve just realised… you’re in Portfolios. I don’t think we are using that

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Hey @Tim_Ford
You are correct. It is in Portfolio View and it is indeed very useful.
Once you start having many projects happening concurrently for the same business objectives, the portfolio feature becomes very useful.

@Rashad_Issa, While I agree the Milestones column in Portfolios is a very useful feature (I almost never use tasks completed percentage since when are tasks ever of equal weight?), there’s a major caveat that makes it cumbersome or impossible for some clients to use as explained below.

Please vote to fix this at the thread below.




Thanks Larry! I have upvoted the product feedback.