Would like to see tasks and/OR milestones completion percentages in portfolios

Hello, all.

My team has been working on several projects that track team member completion of required training activities. Each of these projects utilizes Milestones to indicate when we have achieved 100% team member completion for a specific topic. Additionally, all training activity projects are rollup into a Portfolio, creating a dashboard view of progress across our ongoing trainings.

The challenge we have run into is that the “Task Progress” metric shown in the portfolio shows the completion percentage for both tasks and milestones. What we need to see, and the improvement we’d like to request, is to allow us to see the percentage completion for tasks only, i.e., without milestones included. This would give us a true, just-in-time measure of progress toward the Milestone - which differs from the individual Tasks building up to achieving the Milestone - without the erroneous addition of the Milestone itself.


That is a very interesting request, I’ll upvote. Don’t you have many tasks and just a few milestones, making the situation “almost” correct in terms of numbers?

Thanks for the vote! And appreciate your question. While it is true that the numbers are close, it still requires additional explanation and manual reworking of the numbers to give accurate values to our department leads. We’d like the numbers to represent the true values (and thus accomplishments of of our teams) so that our (1) leaders don’t feel confused or mislead and (2) we’re not creating extra work for our team members managing the projects and reporting up the results.

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