Get Task Progress (%) from Portfolios

Hi, is it possible to extract the Task Progress % value from Portfolios? Thanks.

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If you refer to task % completed within a project you can definitely see this in Portfolios or you can for example set up graphs under reports within a project or you can also use Asana Goals.

For status on individual tasks see:

Welcome, @jmramos,

Yes, see:

The right-side “Response” scrolling area shows:

"metric": {
      "gid": "12345",
      "resource_type": "task",
      "currency_code": "EUR",
      "current_display_value": "8.12",
      "current_number_value": 8.12,
      "initial_number_value": 5.2,
      "precision": 2,
      "resource_subtype": "number",
      "target_number_value": 10.2,
      "unit": "none"

which is for the Number type but I imagine percent would appear here for that metric type.

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