Automatically calculated goal achievement

We have noticed that Asana does not automatically calculate the percentage of goal achievement. You need to enter/adjust the percentage yourself. Therefore, we thought that the project progress could be the base for a goal. E. g. if three projects are linked to one goal, and the project progress of the first project is 73%, the second is 43% and the last is 17%, the percentage of a goal achievement would be almost 45%. Does this make sense to Asana? It is logical that additional or incompleted tasks have an impact on goal achievement, but this is the only way to calculate goal achievement on a proper basis. We have also been thinking about the weighting. A project that has a higher value, should be weighted higher. Accordingly, Asana should provide a field where the weighting could be doubled, tripled etc.

Hi @Sara_Jovanovic, thanks for this feedback. Good news… we have just begun rolling this feature out! :tada:

Check out the full details below:

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