Ability to link Milestones with Goals and SubGoals


Is it possible to link Milestones with subgoals in order to update goal progression automatically when a project milestone is achieved?

Hi @Marco_Papale, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to link Milestones to Goals or subgoals, you can link projects or portfolios. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other customers to upvote for this feature.

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply. I hope this feature could be added in the next future because I think it is very useful.

Welcome @Marco_Papale I added my vote!

Voted up! This is such a critical feature for our workflow too! We started using Goals comprehensively since Oct’20, now realizing there is too much of manual management of goals tracking making the goals feature rather overwhelming for the teams. Automation between milestones and goals will make it seamless, hopefully Asana is able to release this feature soon!