Task Progress possible?



can i set a task-progress somewhere ?



You could for example use a custom field for that:


Wow, great feature to model organize-environment :-0
thx Sebastian.



Hi @Frank_H; Michael from Asana here.

While we don’t necessarily have an option to see a Task’s progress, the same way that we have a Project’s progress status available, @Sebastian_Paasch’s recommendation to use Custom fields is the best way to leverage one of our most popular premium features!

If you have any questions as to how to set up your projects with custom fields to denote the status of a Task, feel free to post your questions to the community in this channel!

Hope this helps!


so if i’m reading this correctly, the only way to receive updates on task progress is to upgrade to premium? if i @mention someone in the comments on a task, will it email them? so far, i’ve found this product far less useful than i was hoping…


Hi, @Summer_Clowers. I think there may be some confusion as to what “task progress” means. Custom fields is one way to see progress on a task. But with the free version, you can still see changes to a task, including when someone completes the task. Those updates appear in your inbox, and if you choose (in Settings), you can get emailed when you get a message in your inbox.

What some have talked about is the concept of a Project Status, where periodically someone adds comments and sets a status indicator (green/yellow/red) for a project as a whole. For a particular task, you can get something similar by adding comments to the task. But the only way you can have that green/yellow/red status indicator for a task is through a custom field.

I hope this helps. And I hope you find Asana useful - I find it very useful in both my professional and personal lives.