How do I get Custom Fields in my Progress section?

Hello - I have read the article on Custom Fields, but this only seems to show me how to add custom fields into my actually project and relate it to every task.

What I want, and I can see on the Progress article is possible, is to have specific Custom Fields in the Progress section but I can’t work out how to put any custom fields into there?

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I think you are referring to the project status: On Track, At Risk and Off Track. You can s these options when you click access the Progress tab and select “Update status”:

You can currently update your project status selecting one of the options in the drop-down. However, it’s currently not possible to add other options or more custom fields.

I hope this helps!

@Beth_laverack, The Custom Fields that appear on the Progress tab (as shown in the screenshot at are project-level custom fields. If you have the Business plan you have access to Portfolios and can define these custom fields in Portfolios. To see how, go to and scroll down to “How to manage custom fields.”

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Thanks so much!


Thank you @lpb! :raised_hands: I’m still getting used to the new progress tab :sweat_smile: