How do I add custom fields to a project?

I have figured out how to add Custom Fields to a task, but I want to add it to a project. I would like each project to be listed by “Stage,” meaning they are Not Started, In Process, Cancelled, or Complete. Where do I go to add this field? I saw a tutorial that said to click the dropdown from next to the project name but I see no option there do to this.

Welcome, @Will_Lowrey,

If you’re on the Asana Business or Enterprise plan, you can create project-level custom fields in Portfolios:

See How to manage custom fields.


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Thanks so much for the help. Probably a silly question, but how do I get to the “Projects View”? That section says " From the fields icon in Projects view a drop down menu will give you an option to click on +Add field"

I don’t know how to get to the Projects view.

@Will_Lowrey, That’s not a silly question at all. I didn’t look closely and see the Guide page is way out of date (@Community_Managers) so Projects view is just the List tab in a portfolio, and instead of Add field click Customize in the top right.


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Got it. Thank you. Apologize, that begs another question. When I click “Portfolios” on the left, I see this (we have Premium). I am not sure how to see the List view.

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This is a Business level feature as I mentioned in my initial reply, which is the next higher tier from your Premium level.

If you’re remaining on Premium, you might be interested in consulting help for a workaround that doesn’t require Business and will enable you to have custom fields relating to projects. A little more info is here and you contact me if interested:


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