Custom Fields for Project Overview


Sometimes custom fields at the task level make sense, but often in our case custom fields at the project level make even more sense, since many custom fields would have data that would be different between projects but would be the same for all tasks inside of a project.

On the project overview would love the ability to add custom fields.

This thread touched upon this as well with many followers but appears it was recently abruptly closed without a resolution.



Custom Fields at the Project level in a Project overview is available with Portfolios. But only if you are at the Business tier or higher.



Darn. Wish I had business but already paying an insane amount per month since I’m on a one member team which Asana bills at 5x the normal rate. So for business would cost 1200 or something a year for 1 user vs the expected 240 that I’d be happy to pay for one user. Glad the feature is there at least. Thanks so much for sharing!