Get Portfolio Status Report through Asana API

I am using the Asana API to aggregate status reports across 10+ projects, which roll-up to 2 Portfolios (3 roll-up to Portfolio 1, 7 to Portfolio 2). Not only do these projects have their own, independent status reports, but our teams also manage an additional, bubbled-up status report at the Portfolio-level (more of a leadership view).

I am able to use the API documentation to get Project status details, but I have not found a way to get the status details of the Portfolio. Any ideas on how to find this?

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Hey @rwcg2d welcome to the forum.
I was able to find this which should give you detailed information to extract from portfolios through API. You can select the portfolio feature and that should hopefully assist.

@Rashad_Issa are you answering API questions now??? amazing :heart:

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Hahahaha I can only try @Bastien_Siebman I can only try!! :wink:

Hey Rashad, I just clicked through the Portfolio feature and I don’t see anything related to current_status or Status in general. Any thoughts?

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Hey Rob,

Hmmmm in this case what you see is the only feature currently available, but am sure asana will continue to review and release more improvements to it. Just keep a close eye to it.

Apologies I wasn’t of much help :pensive:

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Hey there!

Unfortunately this is not in the API right now, but early next week it will be! Watch this space :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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Sorry, it took a bit longer to get this out, but it is now public: Introducing the Status Update API