Getting Portfolio Status (or Status Updates)

Hi, I’d like to get the status of portfolios via the REST API (and the status updates if possible). Is there a way to do this? I found the project status endpoint but there doesn’t seem to be one for portfolios.

Hi @anon77823507,

It’s not currently available in the API.

@Ross_Grambo would you have anything you can share re. adding access to Portfolio status in the API?

+1 on this request. Would like to see APIs to create and get portfolio statuses!

+1 on this request too - annoying to not be able to read these

+1 on this request. Really inhibits reporting that we would like to create.

Are these still unavailable via API? We’re looking to collate weekly updates into a single document for projects (and goals within that project).

Still unavailable in the API.

+1 on this request

Hi folks! We now have a more generic Status Update API for getting goals, projects, and portfolios. Check it out in our documentation here and let us know what you think!