Introducing the Status Update API

Hello all!

Our team is committed to deliver a feature-rich API, and today we’re excited to announce new API endpoints available for Status Updates! This is similar to our existing Project Status API, but

  • More parent objects supported: This route supports projects, goals and portfolios.
  • A clearer status_type field: instead of a color (e.g. blue), we’re exposing a status_type (e.g. on_hold).
  • Support for likes: Similar to other objects, these now support finding out who has liked the status update.
  • Support for current status on parents: the latest status update is now exposed on projects, goals and portfolios in the current_status_update field.

Have a look at the full functionality in our docs!

As part of this launch, we encourage all new apps to use the new Status Update API over the existing Project Status API, and current_status_update vs. current_status on projects.

As always, feel free to leave comments and questions here. Be sure to check back for more updates and announcements as we continue to add new features to the API.



Any plan regarding the deprecation of colors for example on the legacy endpoint? thanks

@Bastien_Siebman Yes, we are planning a deprecation, which we’ll post about soon.

As I tried this endpoint it seems it’s giving me only project statuses / updates, not project messages (which are also status, but not “on track, at risk, …”"). I may be confused by some terms, as it seems messages are seperate thing, but when I go to messages and try clicking on more options, there messages are called like status updates. Also messages go to seperate tab, but also it goes in to overview status updates, in same flow.

I don’t know if I explained this well, but all in all I don’t understand how to get project messages and it seems like it may be related to these status updates, but I’m not quite sure.

Hello there! This route only give you access to status updates, not all messages. We’ll be considering adding messages in a future update of the AP. Hope that helps!