When a project status has comments

I am trying to use the Asana Python library to make a small program that gets the latest project status for each project our teams are working on. However, I am having an issue get the latest status updates when there are multiple text entries within a given project status.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. This project has a single status, but there have been three comments made on the same status. When I request the status by project, it returns a single status ID. When I use that status ID to pull the project status text and date created, it only returns the data for the first status of the four listed (dated 25 days ago). Is there currently any way to pull data from the other three updates?

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Here you go, I believe this is what you are looking for Improved project statuses in the API

GET /projects/project-id/project_statuses gives you all previous statuses

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That is the method I am currently using to get the status. In the example I posted above, when I run the ’ GET /projects/project-id/project_statuses’, it returns a single ID for a status. I then am running: 'GET /project_statuses/[by ID], all the information it returns relates to the first project status (Zoning Violation…) updated 25 days ago. What I am trying to get access to are the three followup comments attached to the status update. Our teams often make their status updates within the comments. From what I am seeing in the online version of Asana, the comment fields should have an owner, a text property, and a date the comment was left. Is this feature not in the API?

Ive done a little bit more digging on this issue. I am starting to think what I am trying to do is not supported in the API. The section of the API related to stories looks like it would work for what I am trying to do, but it appears to only support stories related to tasks, and has not been extended to project statuses. I have tried requesting story objects using my status ID, and got a ‘task not recognized’ error.

I get it now, sorry I got confused. So you want to access comments on status, not multiple “updates” of the status. Maybe you should update your thread title.