(Node.JS Asana) Batch fetching multiple projects status update in one request

I’m currently fetching all of my projects from Asana’s API using the node Asana library and this


my issue is it’s not returning me the status_update.status_type or status_update.color as they are stored elsewhere, but it is returning me current_status_update.gid

when looking at the dev documentation I see that this exists

But it’s only a 1:1 Fetch, which means that if I have a 500+ projects, I will need to do an enormous amount of fetches just to get my status updates.

Is there a way to access a table with all the Projects Status Updates at once and then complete my filtering/joining on my end?

Hi @Stephane_Caron,

No, as you’ve seen, the API only supports getting status updates for one project, not across multiple projects at one time.

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Understood, Thanks Phil!

You might want to check out the Batch API; while it doesn’t reduce the number of requests you’ll need to make, it can reduce the amount of network traffic you need to do in executing those requests.

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Will look into it, Thanks again!

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