In portfolios, would like to be able to update status in-line without going to the project page

I’m a project manager at a small agency and I’m managing/overseeing 50-75 projects at a time. I have all of them in 1 Portfolio as well as other Portfolios for other segment views.

I would love to be able to update the statuses in bulk, like to sit down, go through the list of all the projects, and update the status in-line (similar to the latest task view update) or in the pop-up window, without having to go to the Project’s page in another tab/window to update the status.

It’s a simple action, to go to the Project’s page, but it’s very time-consuming when I want to keep 50-75 projects updated. I’ve resulted to exporting a spreadsheet of all the projects periodically and updating the statuses in the spreadsheet for speed’s sake. If I have enough time, I’ll go back into Asana and paste the statuses into each project from my spreadsheet.

A totally separate, less important issue: I have so many projects in my Portfolio that I can’t export to Google Sheets, I can only export to CSV. Not a big deal, but it is inconvenient.

Thanks for listening!

Happy Friday @Lena_Masek_Roberson :raised_hands:t5:

In case you have missed it, we have launched a new and redesigned Status: Introducing the newly redesigned Status :raised_hands:t5:

With this update, you are now able to update the status of a project within the Portfolio! :slight_smile: You can learn more about it in our Guide article.

I hope you enjoy it Lena! Have a great weekend!