Milestone list view in Portfolios

It would be hugely helpful to have the option to see a list of all milestones across multiple projects in Portfolio view as a list with deadlines and assignees. I know this can be seen in the Timeline view but a list would be helpful for projects where Milestones don’t have due dates yet. The milestone list from the Project Overview tab is exactly what our leadership would like to see but we need it in the Portfolio view so it captures milestones from multiple projects. Having milestones as icons that have to be hovered over is not “at a glance” enough, we need more context.

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Hi @Miranda_Holmes , have you tried to switch the Portfolio’s Progress type to Milestones, in the List view?

I understand this may not be what you have in mind but at least you get all Milestones displayed in a more compact way compared to the Portfolio’s Timeline view.

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This is a good suggestion @Richard_Sather

I always have my portfolios set on milestone progress.

@Miranda_Holmes while this is not what you are after, it will help a lot in knowing which project to tap into to view more details. Make sure you vote on your own feedback.

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