Portfolio Management - Milestone Overview

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Is it possible to have a milestone overview, like the Milestone overview for projects?

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Hi @Phillip_F
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Please have a look at these blog/docs/guides

Hi @Phillip_F, thanks for reaching out! Could you give us more details of what you are trying to achieve? :slight_smile: You can currently see a list of Milestones per project in the Overview tab.

Hi @Emily_Roman , I will be making use of Portfolios a lot. Like in the Project Overview, there is a Milestone list, is there such a “Overview Page” for Portfolios, where are can see the key milestones for an aggregate list of projects? This would be idea. Currently I need to open each individual project.
Furthermore, my portfolio hierarchy may be quite complex (Portfolio consisting of several portfolios, with each portfolio consisting of multiple projects). At the highest portfolio level, having an overview of the key underlying milestones would be what I am looking for. Possible?

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Have you already changed Progress Type: Task to Progress Type: Milestone?

That gives you a Milestone column; see the colors of dots (green ok, red overdue) and hover them for details.


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Thank you Larry. I have portfolios within portfolios too. Would be great if the overarchiving portfolio is able to inherit details of the underlying milestones.