View Milestones on Portfolio Timeline

We are an engineering firm using Asana to track progress on multiple projects being executed by our various member of our team, each with their own specialties and skill sets. We use portfolios to do high level weekly reviews of each team’s open projects, and manage delivery dates of the projects, as well as intercommunicate on projects on tasks between our weekly reviews.

The new Timeline feature for Portfolios is great for an overall review with the whole company and each team, and also creating a First-In-First-Out visual reference.

We often have multiple deliverable assets and multiple Milestones in each of our projects, and it would be great if the Milestones created in each respective project’s range were represented on the timeline. This way we could track important delivery dates between the start date and end date in each project on the Portfolio level in one view.

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback as suggested @JoshFinch! This is super interesting and definitely something we could look into in the future!

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This would be incredibly useful! Milestones can help break up the Portfolio view by incorporating important dates from projects that might otherwise get missed in the view.

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I think it would be really cool to show pinpoints of Milestones in Timeline (within Portfolios) because otherwise all you see is bodies of work from start to finish. Pinpoints that you could hover over would great IMO

Hi @LEGGO :wave: I’m merging your post with an existing thread regarding Milestones in Timeline. I hop it’s OK! :slight_smile:

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The Portfolio timeline was one of the most needed features in Asana, but without milestones, there’s not much that can be done with it. Now, if we could have the ability to see milestones, that would be a huge win! Seeing ‘Start’ to ‘End’ isn’t really useful, as often start and end of a project are ambiguous and defined differently, and are too broad. Milestones would really help make the Portfolio timeline useful in being able to visualize what stage each project, holistically in a portfolio.

Viewing a timeline of your project key dates on one screen is essential to project management. Currently the portfolio timeline only shows due dates of the projects. The milestones are showed as tiny dots on the list view only, and you have to hover over the dot to see the date.

It would be great if you could see dues dates and milestones on the portfolio timeline to be able to properly project manage multiple projects.

Hi everyone :wave:t3:

I’m excited to announce that we released Milestones on Portfolio Timeline a couple of days ago!

@John_S, I would encourage you to create a separate #productfeedback thread for your feedback as this one had more to do with the availability of Milestones on Portfolio Timeline!

Have all a great day!