Add a Portfolio view that shows milestones for all projects in Portfolio

Add a Portfolio view that shows milestones for all projects in Portfolio

  • Include due dates of those milestones and whether they’re complete

  • Include ability to change the milestone dates from the Portfolio view

This functionality would help us have a single view of all key dates across a portfolio of projects and would get us out of spreadsheets.

Welcome, @Diana_Kenney,

Most of this is actually already supported in Portfolios:

The dots are red (overdue), grey (incomplete but not overdue), or green (complete) and if you hover them you see the milestone title and date.

Note that the screenshots are old so toggling the column from Task Progress to Milestones is done differently now; it’s still in the top right of the page; click Task Progress, then in the menu choose Milestones. To lock in, click “. . .” and Save layout as default.


Thanks, Larry. We have our Portfolios set in this manner already. It’s great, but doesn’t 100% meet our need. If we were able to have the actual milestone due dates show in this view, with the ability to change those dates from the Portfolio view, we’d be able to move all of our project management out of spreadsheets and into Asana.

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Hello @Diana_Kenney ,

Have you tried to look at the Timeline view? This should give you that type of overview. Just keep in mind, this view it won’t be available if you are using Portfolios-of-Portfolios, all projects should be at the same parent level.



Thank you for the suggestion. What we’d like to replace (that’s currently in spreadsheets) is an “at-a-glance” view of milestones for all projects that doesn’t require scrolling. This would help us see them all in relation to each other.

Hi @Diana_Kenney ,

The screenshot above is showing the milestones for 3 projects across the months of June-August and you can zoom out or in if needed too.

Do you have a screenshot from XLS that helps us understand what you’d like to see?


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