Timeline View for Portfolios

It seems like the best thing about the new Portfolio View is the ability to track the state and progress of a larger goal across multiple projects, for instance multiple individual “Product Projects” summarizing into a “Product Roadmap” or “Product Launch”. Or multiple marketing and content campaigns running in sequence as part of a company-wide marketing plan. This is where a timeline view seems like by far the most important aspect… the ability to check in on any given day and see where you are and what’s next, make adjustments, share the state of the roadmap with your team, etc. Otherwise, right now Portfolios just feels like a glorified “Folder” that groups projects together, but doesn’t provide any deeper insight beyond status. Which is so vague when you have 50-100 tasks in a project. I’d really love the ability to see a timeline at the Portfolio level.

A timeline view would be awesome. It’s impactful to show project overlap and how far they span.

Absolutely! THAT would make me a Business Plan user right away! This is a functionality I’ve been longing for for my team and I for almost a year now. A Timeline View for all ongoing projects combined.

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I wholeheartedly agree!

We recently upgraded to Business specifically for Portfolios (and Milestones), after restructuring our Asana setup over and over again until finally settling on the way we do it now.

We define the Tasks at the root of a Project as “Deliverables”, and Subtasks as “Actions” that are given a Due Date and Assignee, so Portfolios are great for managing Projects at a high level and making sure they’re on track i.t.o. their Deliverables, but the crucial question we still can’t answer is: Will a Deliverable in a certain Project conflict with one from another Project ?

A Timeline view of a Portfolio will certainly give the required visibility.

Spot on! I thought the hole point of upgrading to business was to have a timeline view in portfolio!

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I couldn’t agree more! My company execs love the timeline view, but the fact that option is missing from portfolio frustrates them. In portfolio we create “Sprints” and add individual projects into each sprint or portfolio. The ability to see these “sprints” in timeline view within portfolios would be huge. They want the birds-eye view of where everyone stands on their projects and this would fill that need.

We just implemented Asana (Business Plan) and would love to have this view made available, instead of having to leverage a plugin like Instagantt. As the manager of our Go-To-Market Process/Program, I believe this feature would be a huge value driver, especially since more members from our SLT/ELT teams have asked about having a visual view of the portfolio

@Enzo_Capasso (and others in this thread),

I just noticed this thread after Enzo’s post today. I’ve upvoted, but for an alternative, please have a look at my earlier post below from another thread.

I’ve devised an alternative approach to Portfolios that *does* have an integrated Timeline view. This is not a third-party solution; it’s all within Asana itself, and only requires Premium:


Yes this would be great! I was not happy about having to upgrade and pay extra for portfolios after the dashboard was deprecated but I have done it for the better visibility. I was creating tasks for every project in an ‘overview’ project but that is messy with double handling of details such as start and due date and status. A timeline in portfolio view would amazing for tracking and keeping on track.

Yes please!! It’s a bit bonkers that this is not available…!

Such a key feature that is missing. We currently have a “project pipeline” project that we use for visualizing all projects, but it’s redundant work to keep both spaces updated. Voted!

Hi everyone :wave:t3:

Thank you so much for supporting this feature request over the last couple of months! I’m delighted to announce that we now have a Timeline Views for Portfolios! To learn more about it, head over to this announcement post :point_right: Portfolios now come with a Timeline view!

Have all a great Monday :slight_smile:

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