Timeline for nested portfolios

We have many projects with multiple teams, where we want to have one single roadmap view of all our project work for a quarter. We can easily create roadmaps within each portfolio - but our leadership wants 1 single view of all the teams. The best way we found was to create a portfolio with our portfolio work listed as projects in 1 portfolio view. However we need the ability to create several sub tasks. Is there a way to do this? Utilizing the one subtask section and milestones is not working.

Or is there a way to have multiple portfolios create 1 roadmap view?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi @Carrie_Wood, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Have you looked into Nested Portfolios? It is possible to add multiple portfolios to a single parent portfolio! Have a look at the update below - this might be helpful :slight_smile:

Yes I know about nested portfolios but it doesn’t allow me to have the timeline view when you have multiple portfolios inside a portfolio. I want the roadmap view of multiple portfolios in 1 single view. Is this possible?

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Hi @Carrie_Wood, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, timeline for Nested Portfolios isn’t available at this time but is our on Product teams radar!

I’ll keep you updated here if our Product team makes any changes :slight_smile: