Portfolio of 100+ projects: Team needs to see granularity of tasks + big picture on the timeline

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Question on portfolios as I’ve scoured the community and reaching out here for advice. Thanks in advance!

My small team has a very specific go-live date and we are in the planning phase to ensure that all work items (over 100) are both sequenced properly by dependencies and that no items are missed. Our challenge is that in portfolio, we can only see milestones in the timeline and not tasks that may be causing the domino-effect of missed dates. We understand that seeing all tasks would be a cluster yet prefer as an option to see real-time impacts on timelines.

The workaround we’ve created is essentially to create 15 or so projects where all 100+ projects are sorted into as “sections”. Then we have a “master timeline” project where items from the other 15 projects are automatically added via rules. We do not use a portfolio in this case.

The above setup is not ideal as we are then not using portfolios as the level of detail the team needs is missing.

Any thoughts on how to effectively utilize portfolios when 100+ projects are needed and the team is very lean? In other words, little actual work time for Asana as the actual work is in doing physical work.

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