Calendar view for Portfolios!

It would be helpful for my team if the Portfolios had Calendar and Timeline Views that would show all projects in that portfolio. This would help with keeping track of all projects and tasks in that portfolio, especially since some of our task have the same due dates as other team projects that we are also working on.

@Jessica_Delgado, Asana has promised a Portfolio Timeline view soon (no exact date), fyi…


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Hi @Jessica_Delgado and @lpb :wave:t3:

Promises are made to be kept, so I’m delighted to announce that we now have now a Timeline for Portfolios! You can learn more in the following announcement: Portfolios now come with a Timeline view!

We don’t have yet a Calendar View for Portfolios, so I’m keeping this thread open for now! I’ve just edited the title to reflect this update and will keep you posted on this thread when I have an update for the Calendar view!

Have all a great start of your week!

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It would be really great if I could get a calendar view in portfolios like you currently have in teams.

Right now, I run an advanced search to locate all of our web projects or all of our media projects to see how all of the timelines are stacking up. But since I have a web portfolio, it’d be great to just look at the calendar view of that.

We’re not able to use the teams for that since our teams are organized by client.

Do you have progress on the calendar for portfolios or an ETA? We are looking at several platforms, and this would be important.

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Calendar for portfolio would be great for our set up

Calendar View would be great!

Any updates on this? My team just transitioned from ClickUp, and the lack of a calendar view for a group of projects / portfolio is a large shortcoming. Thank you.


I would also love to see a calendar view for portfolios. Also, the projects I’ve added to the portfolio aren’t automatically populating the timeline???

Could not agree more. This is very important for cross team projects.

Calendar view would be great! And also perhaps a board view so you can see what projects are due for this week, next week and so forth. The list view sometimes gets cluttered and it’s hard to distinguish what project is in which week.