Need ability to add tasks as column headers in Portfolio list view

Our team needs the ability to list key tasks as headers in our personal Portfolio views. There are some key date fields that we need to update regularly and being able to see them in our portfolios is integral to our business.

The following solutions have been proposed but are not ideal:
1. Create a custom date field in portfolio and list dates there. PROBLEM: creates multiple instances of the same data that isn’t linked, more opportunities for errors.
2. List the date tasks as milestones. PROBLEM: Dates only show up in the Timeline view, we need this to be enabled in portfolio view

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Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Welcome, @Shannon_Kane,

Perhaps changing the Task progress column to Milestones (click Progress type in the header and change to Milestones then “. . .” menu > Save for everyone) and then using Milestone type tasks would help you.

Hover any milestone diamond to see the task title and due date.

Diamonds are color-coded: Green is done, Clear is upcoming, Red is overdue.



Thanks for your input! This doesn’t exactly meet our needs as we want to be able to edit these dates in portfolio view.

Thanks again!

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Hi @Shannon_Kane ,

Have you tried using the timeline view in a portfolio? Unlike in the list view, you can click on a milestone to open it (in a modal) and edit the date there. I know this doesn’t exactly solve your ask, but perhaps a workaround for the time being?


Hi @Stephen_Li! Yes, this is one of the workarounds we have been using - as mentioned in my forum post. Portfolio view, however, is much more useful and we’ll need to see these date tasks there.

Appreciate you chiming in!

@Shannon_Kane oops, I clearly did not read carefully :rofl: by Portfolio view, I presume you’re referring to the List view of the portfolio, right?

RE: your OP - are you asking to be able to somehow flag specific tasks on a project to roll up to the portfolio? Or would being able to edit milestones in the list view simply by clicking them (the way you can in timeline) be sufficient?

We’ll need the dates to show up and be editable in List View of the portfolio - or in other words, a date-formatted text field that is linked to and populated by Project date tasks that can be edited in both the portfolio list view and the individual project.